YIF, Issue 4: The Elephant in the Room, Part 2!

Oct 28, 2022

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  • The Elephant in the Room – why is the age of candidacy for an MP/MLA in India 25? Join us for a breakdown of historical facts and ask #Why25.
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YIF's Centre for Youth Policy Speaks to India's Youngest Leaders!

Why and how should the youth participate in politics?
Is it even pragmatic to file your candidature if you’re in your twenties? Does the political atmosphere, both at a candidate’s home and within political parties’ structure favor young leaders? If these are the questions that hinder you from taking the first step towards active participation too, here’s an esteemed panel of young and seasoned individuals with a host of practical experience answering it for you!
Watch the webinar here.

The Elephant in the Room: #Why25