YIF, Issue 2: An Open Space for the Youth

Sep 29, 2022

Come join the movement of, for, and by the youth of India. As your one stop-shop for all youth news, we don’t spam – that’s a promise!


With this edition of YIF’s newsletter, read on for updates about:

  • Throwback to the #WHY25 collab with The BodyShop India (psst, sign it here!)
  • Bringing YIF to your campus! (Here's how)
  • Creating impact with YIF.

Come join the movement of, for, and by the youth of India. As your one stop-shop for all youth news, we don’t spam – that’s a promise!

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Webinar: Entrepreneurship Policy Post COVID

With startups occupying the centre of our newsfeeds lately and Indian entrepreneurs becoming a household name (all of us love Aman Gupta, come on!).

It's only natural for us to want to try our skills in the startup world. The World Bank organised a webinar dealing specifically with Entrepreneurship in the post COVID context. The recording is available here.


YIF Rewind


#Why25 Launch at City Walk, Delhi
On the 15th of September, YIF launched its partnership with The Body Shop India towards its #Why25 campaign. Our petition is championed by our very own grassroots leaders and Ms. Sanya Malhotra (watch here!). The event saw participation from young people, in the way that they love – with dance, advocacy and lots of pictures. Catch a glimpse of the day here.


Bring YIF and voter rights to your campus!
With our youth movement launched across India, YIF is ready to welcome you to our circle of changemakers. Help us celebrate your vote by inviting YIF for a workshop to your campus in any institution. We’ll help you and your peers to register, re-register as voters and reunite with your rights as a young person in India today. Interested? Fill the form here.

Break the barrier, sign the petition.
YIF is inviting signatures on the #Why25 petition. Not convinced how or why the age of candidacy to the Lok Sabha should be lowered form 25 to 21? Head to why25.in and break barriers to young people’s political participation with 30,000+ other Indians.


Sporting Schemes you might be eligible for!

If an Indian victory on the International sports scene makes your heart swell with pride or if sports is your calling, then this article is for you. The Sports Authority of India has implemented several Sports promotional schemes through its flagship Khelo India. Read on more to see how many of them are you eligible for!

Chance for you to Learn Big Data with Samsung!

You can now learn AI, Internet of Things and Big Data hands on with Samsung free of cost! Yes, you heard that right! If you are under 25 and technology is your thing, pay attention to this article. Samsung Innovation Campus along with Skill India plans to help over 3000 youth in India to upskill and find relevant employment. What do you think of this initiative?


YIF Team Highlight

Shefali Gupta, Sr. Prog. Manager
We strongly believe that one cannot work in politics without optimism—Shefali embodies this idea to the fullest extent, ensuring that whichever initiatives we embark on are not just thoroughly constructed but also implemented to a capacity that is inclusive, accessible, and engaging. Having joined the team only this year, Shefali has made it possible to expand YIF’s reach across states and build an expansive network of passionate individuals who can contribute to our mission. To say Shefali is devoted to our cause is an understatement—her enthusiasm for the greater recognition for the capabilities of the youth combined with her incredible management and programming skills as well as her experience in grassroots politics reaffirms our faith in our work. Youth inclusivity is made possible in India because of people like her—YIF is an open space for everyone who is just as optimistic, dedicated, and eager about changing the fabric of youth politics in India.

YIF Recommends

Everybody Loves a Good Drought
Book by P. Sainath

Based on rural research from the 80s, this book provides a reality check on how government projects work out on the ground level. If you’ve ever come across trickle up and down theories in your classroom, read this to understand the repercussions of policy implementation in India, a country with one of the largest rural youth populations.

Court Kacheri
Song By Boyblanck and D V

A trailblazing number by a creative powerhouse based out of Noida, Court Kacheri by Boyblanck and D₹V is emblematic of how young people, like us find themselves embedded within institutions of power and the tactics through which they chart out their own spaces in service of honest self-expression. If you too have ever faced a hostile climate towards your aspiration and creativity, you’ll find this song screaming out your frustrations. Listen here or on your preferred music platform.

Youth and Participatory Politics
Research by Tao Papaioannou (2022)|  Read here.

If politics and social media are your things and you're as hooked as we are, then this research paper is extremely relevant for you. The paper deals with the subject matter in a two parter method, tackling both the existing literature on the active participation of youth in politics and further explores the use of digital media for such participation. Read on and let us know what you think!