Presenting YIF's Cheatsheet for All Things 2024 General Elections!

Mar 27, 2024

As India braces itself for the monumental task of conducting the 2024 general elections, all eyes are turning towards the nation's 670 million young citizens. Often seen as disinterested or apolitical, this dynamic demographic holds immense potential and is capable of influencing the trajectory of the nation's future.

Comprising a staggering 52% of the population, India's youth, defined as individuals below 29, shapes the country's destiny. Yet, despite their sheer numbers, their representation within the Parliament remains shockingly minimal. A glance at the average age of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members – 60 and 62 years, respectively – paints a stark picture of this sharp disconnect. It's a paradox where the youngest electorate in India’s history elected the oldest Lok Sabha, underscoring the urgent need to bridge this representation chasm for the vitality of our democracy.

It's not merely a matter of numbers; it's also about economic clout. The youth contributes a substantial 34% to the Gross National Income, a figure that cannot be overlooked. However, every third individual in this age bracket grapples with daunting challenges such as unemployment and educational disparities. The Youth Development Index ranking of 122 out of 181 nations further underscores the imperative of addressing these developmental issues. These experiences may be key to unlocking the youth vote for the year. Will young Indians vote to resolve and improve these issues? How much can these promises really sway the opinions of over half the country?

The upcoming 2024 elections hold the promise of being nothing short of historic. Spanning seven phases over 44 days, this democratic exercise is poised to become the largest-ever election in global democracy, trumping even its predecessor in 2019. Within this grand spectacle, the youth of India are poised to occupy a central stage, their choices and voices resonating profoundly in shaping the contours of the nation's future. Yet, amidst this chaos of electoral fervour, one looming question begs to be asked: do the youth truly comprehend the significance of their vote? The answer, perhaps, lies in fostering their active engagement and participation in the electoral process.

And that’s what we’ve been trying to do at the Young India Foundation! We have worked tirelessly throughout the year to empower young people to become proactive participants in policy formulation and political discourse. So, now that our nation embarks on this democratic mammoth event, we must acknowledge and harness the power of us, the youth. Recognizing this need, YIF has curated a comprehensive cheatsheet encompassing everything discussed above. This cheat sheet has everything: the significance of voting, delineating factors to consider while making electoral choices, and ultimately telling you through the sheer numbers and stats the profound impact each vote holds for individual futures and the collective destiny of our future. We aim to empower young voters, arming you with the insights and understanding necessary to make informed decisions that resonate with their aspirations and ideals. Let’s do our civic duty and take charge of our future!