Should Indian youth be working 70 hours a week?

Nov 2, 2023

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1. Narayan Murthy urges Indian youth to work 70 hours a week (yikes?)
2. We’re on a roll! Rolling to even more campuses past few days! 🤠
3. “Not one original experience” or maybe it is? Find out with this podcast 🎧

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Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy urges Indian youth to work 70 hours a week

Now, unless you only read our newsletter and use no social media, you’ve probably heard of this. Narayan Murthy has set the world abuzz with his bold proposal for young Indians 🇮🇳! He suggests they rev up their engines and embrace a whopping 70-hour workweek, all in the name of India's progress 🚀. 🤯 The internet exploded, with tweets flying in all directions, some dubbing it a "workaholic's dream" and others shouting, "Show us the money!" 💸. 💡 Murthy's video series, "The Record," takes the listener on a journey, highlighting the vital role of youth in India's transformation.

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Call for Expressions of Interest: Contribute to the 2024 GEM Youth Report on Technology in Education

This request for contributions is made to the preparation of the 2024 Youth Report on technology in education by young people under the age of 35 and youth-led organisations. The main goal is to set up regional discussions with an emphasis on equality and appropriateness in order to collect data and viewpoints regarding the use of technology in education. The deadline for submitting expressions of interest is November 8, 2023.


Apple for the fully funded Google Public Policy Fellowship

All year round, students who are enthusiastic about technology policy and the internet are eligible to apply for the U.S. Google Public Policy Fellowship. Fellows who are accepted will work for a semester at a public interest group that leads discussions on tech policy matters. By increasing opportunities and removing barriers for underrepresented talent in the government affairs industry, the program's main goal is to advance the careers of first-generation college students in public policy and government affairs.

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Along with Body Shop India we are amplifying our efforts by conducting workshops in regional languages! Our team in Kerala in collaboration with The Chief Electoral Officer, Kerala is determined to connect with colleges and encourage young people to participate in the voting process! 🎓 This week, we engaged with more than 150 students, providing information on voting and the process of obtaining a voter ID card! 🗳

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