Marriage and Other Rights: The Indian LGBTQAI+ Youth

Oct 19, 2023

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Global estimates suggest it's at least 10% of the entire population in India is LBGTQAI+, what are their rights?

India's Supreme Court denied legalizing same-sex unions. Instead, they accepted  government's offer to form a panel for more rights and benefits to same-sex couples. Activists 🏳️‍🌈 and couples are determined to continue the fight. Court reviewed 21 petitions. The five-judge panel held open hearings in April and May. Petitioners claimed their constitutional rights were violated 🚫👬, suggesting "spouse" replace "man" and "woman" in marriage laws. With significant number of LGBTQAI+ young people in India, LGBTQAI+ rights including affirmative action, civil unions, property rights, and laws and policies to safeguard the community members from violent natal families, discrimination and prejudice are extremely crucial. The community holds on to hopes for a better and more inclusive future. 🌈

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